Inbound Email on Autopilot!

Automate your business processes and save time by using Inbound's email workflows

Unbelievably Simple Routing

Deliver Your Inbound Email to the Right Place, Every Time

Routing that is easy to see

There are no obscure server configuration logs or outdated control panels here. You will be able to see in an instant where inbounded emails are headed.

Make changes with the click of your mouse

Everyone on the team can make changes! Add some filters and some destinations and you are good to go. It is just THAT easy!

Powerful yet effortless filtering

Quick and easy interface to add inbound routing filters to make routing decisions by TO, FROM, Subject fields and any Email Header. Once a filter is matched, it is off to the races to complete the rest of the chosen workflow.

Oh, the places your email can go!

There is no shortage of places you can send your incoming emails. You can simply forward it to another email address, another HTTP webhook, or an S# bucket. Your email will know now bounds when you add Zapier to your workflow and their thousands of integrations!

Automatically parse your email, extracting the data you need

There's important data in there. Get it out and put it where you can use it!

Interactive Capture Tool

View existing email already routed through Inbound to select text boundaries that will capture data.

Saves hours, days, and more

There is no need for you to manually extract data out of your emails. Put your email data to work. Don't work for email data!

Email Data wherever you need it

Once an email is parsed, the captured data can be sent to plenty of tools such as Airtable, Salesforce, Google and more!

Your Hub of Email Automation

Route Emails Anywhere

Not only can you route emails with Inbound's built in destinations, you can use Zapier to send your email to thousands of destinations.

Email Data Anywhere

Send email data to Salesforce. Add it to a Google Sheet. Insert into a Airtable row. Notify Slack. And more to come!